Making Golf History As Interesting & Inspirational As Possible

Making Golf History As Interesting & Inspirational As Possible

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And so it goes. Yet another golfing maestro has made golfing history. Not only has he won a Major, he’s gone and one the biggest prize of all. He’s won the Open. To do so is the pinnacle of every professional golfer’s career. It is the stuff that dreams are made of for many weekend amateurs too. So, not only has this golfing superstar gone on to win one of the biggest prizes in golf, he’s gone and won the lot, all in a single calendar year. He’s gone and won the Grand Slam. In tennis, a similar prize awaits the greats.

And at the time of writing, when last has anyone come close to emulating Nicklaus, Player, Woods. In one year alone. When last did a tennis great come to repeat the historic achievement of Laver. It has been years, hasn’t it? That’s the stuff of legend. That’s golfing history for you. And then there’s so much more material, more than enough to fill a history of golf novel. A novel, you say? Well, why not? Why not take a novel approach to the game of golf? Why not give yourself a diversion from all the technically-inclined guidebooks that you have been sweating over to help improve your swing, your drive, your putt.

Read a novel every once in a while to further inspire you to drive even further. Never give up on the seemingly novel idea that perhaps this time next week you will have improved your handicap. Never give up on the idea that one day, someday, your wood iron is going to knock you your first hole in one. But do immerse yourself in true golfing history, surround yourself with those events that have made the game as great as it is today.