Want to dance with professionals?

Want to dance with professionals?

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Philadelphia is a city which is very geographically defined. As the area began to develop and people started to move out of town, they did it along the railway line which got them into and out of the city easily. The areas along the line became known as the Main Line and that’s how they have stayed to this day.

But the Main Line is not some Philadelphia wannabe. It has its own distinct culture and scene. It has a sense of itself that is not bound up in Philadelphia in any way and reflects a life independent of the city. It is a bit like comparing Brooklyn and Manhattan – they are close, but different.

The performing arts wayne pa scene is vibrant and alive with everything you could wish for in a cultural life. Wayne is something of a hotspot in the middle of the Main Line. It is reasonably close to Villanova University but isn’t a student town which gives it a year-round vibe, which the town is keen to develop. It helps that the Ballet company resident in the town has a fabulous reputation and continues to create mixed amateur professional productions which put the town on the map.

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The Ballet Company is a teaching house, but core to its philosophy is the idea of performance. For anyone who is looking to become a professional, this element is key. It is one thing to be able to dance in the studio another altogether to dance in front of an audience.

Each year the company does a series of performance which always concludes with a version of the Nutcracker. It is something of a tradition in the town, and many of the residents who are not aficionados make the Nutcracker part of their annual traditions.